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Telecom expense management software : (TEM)


Optimize the management of your telecom and mobile fleet

With company devices and expenses growth, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) becomes a major and complex issue. In addition to potential billing errors, inappropriate packages, companies have to manage their fleet between several operators. Therefore, managers need a telecom solution covering the entire telecom fleet management process.


GAC Telecom Fleet offers you

  • A real automatic data recovery, integration and consolidation,
  • A complete control, optimization and monitoring tool,
  • A personalized support from GAC Telecom expert

le produit

GAC Car Fleet is provided in SaaS mode (Cloud). It is available from any computer connected to the Internet and doesn’t require any local installation at the user’s. You also automatically receive the latest software updates.



Discover GAC Telecom Fleet options

Automatic import data

Like any of our solutions, GAC Telecom Fleet gains full functionalities from the GAC Hub. We automatically import all the data from your suppliers (teco operators and devices suppliers) and also from your internal resources (HR or accounting data). The more the system is integrated, the more it is efficient. In addition, you will benefit from a set of tools that will help you supervising, analyzing and cleaning data if necessary.

Invoices control

With GAC Telecom Fleet, you get a monthly billing control over the contractual rents, subscriptions and associated services. This control can be done on the entire fleet, on a specific entity or on a specific phone number.

E-mail alerts

This module will issue alerts for your employees, your managers or yourself. They will remind you deadlines and inform you of any system anomalies. They are fully customizable according to your needs (number of sms, amount of international calls…). Moreover, they don’t require any special access to the GAC Car Fleet, it is sent by email.


You have a monitoring for your fleet costs and expenses. All information (amount, term and volume) is available on graphs or spreadsheets and can be downloaded.

Campains and reports diffusion

You can carry out information campaigns and even create customized reports (that will be sent automatically to employees concerned). You can also create report templates that can be integrated on request.

Orders management

You can place orders directly to operators (new line, new terminals, renewal …) through the application (a background of all actions will be available).

Fleet management

Managing your telecom fleet is the essence of our solution. If the telecom fleet report provides you a global overview, you can find on the telecom sheet all information related to it (employee, operator order, costs, background, etc.). You can perform all actions necessary to control your fleet (subscription changes, closing, renewal etc…)


For more information about GAC Telecom Fleet

You can sign up for a personalized demonstration on which our solution will be presented to you. A product sheet combining the essential information about your solution is available and downloadable. In any case, you can contact us by phone or via the contact form.