Interview with Jérôme Bissuel, President of LS Services -

Interview with Jérôme Bissuel, President of LS Services

13 September 2018

How did you hear about GAC Technology?

We were put in touch with one of our suppliers who told me about your company because he had a customer who worked with you.

What was your problem with fleet management?

We had no management tool, only an Excel follow-up while the fleet was increasing enormously (the fleet went from 400 to 580 vehicles in 3 years). The situation was quite complex. We needed a real fleet management tool because the work on Excel was insufficient for the volume of vehicles managed and constantly increasing.

What did you expect from a fleet management software publisher?

At first, we didn’t really know how management software works. We wanted everything to be grouped together in a software package, even the invoicing of our rental companies, fuels, tyres, so that everything could be centralised. We had to manage the assignments of employees who changed vehicles frequently. So, we wanted these assignments to be up to date, to have a daily record of vehicle changes and thus effectively manage fines. To summarize: Daily monitoring of assignments and integration of all billing elements (tire, rent, fuel, etc.)

Why did you choose GAC Technology?

To tell you the truth, we didn’t compare, we didn’t see any of your competitors. We were put in touch with one of your sales representatives and a person from your customer service department who came to present the solution to us. We had a very good contact with them. We felt you were comfortable with the subject and with a desire to build something very effective.

How did the GAC Car Fleet go into production? Were you satisfied? Why? Why?

Like all starts, it was a little complicated to switch from Excel to a fleet management software, especially since we were starting from a database with data that may not have been well updated. It took a little time, but GAC Technology was very present. But on the whole, it was quickly implemented.

Today, how is the relationship and project with GAC Technology going?

Everything is going well! The updates and evolutions of the application correspond to our needs. The use of your software is much better than the Excel spreadsheet. All our operations managers have access to the software. They can do their daily follow-up for vehicle changes, user changes, etc. They are no longer obliged to call us at headquarters to keep us informed of riders and mileage adjustments on vehicles. Everyone can now manage their fleet independently, it has become much more fluid for us.

What is the benefit for you of having a software like GAC Car Fleet?

The software allows us to avoid making mistakes. By extracting very regularly, errors are quickly found and employees are put back on track when they move away from them. And now we have 580 vehicles, so it is essential for us to have fleet management software.

What is the point of such a solution?

The time saved is enormous, and this allows us to avoid mistakes. The manager has a global vision of his fleet and this is very effective.

Do you have any future projects with GAC Technology?

There is the implementation of the ANTAI-GAC Technology service. Now we will be required to designate all drivers who commit an offence. We already had a policy in this regard of not designating our employees for offences of less than 10 km/h. They still paid their fines, and we reported them for all other offences (red light, parking, etc.). From now on, we no longer have any control over it because it will be automatic and mandatory for everyone. This is what we would like to implement with GAC Technology. This will save a lot of time since currently the management of fines is not easy to do on a daily basis.

A word to conclude?

Many colleagues ask me for an opinion on management software and what GAC Technology offers. I always give them a very warm welcome back and tell them that they can go without hesitation. I think it’s a good software that’s quite easy to use, ideal for daily monitoring of all events. I always recommend GAC Technology software.


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