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GAC Commitment Manager allows you to create a commitments background with the following principles:

GAC Immo Fleet allows you to create a commitments background with the following principles:

  • A commitment can be periodical or a one-shot,
  • A commitment can be assigned to individuals, suppliers, facilities, or a building. Every commitment will be recorded and can be found from any related item.
  • Date notices, e-mail reminders can be set for each commitment (background records available to look at),
  • Budgeted costs may be defined on each commitment to work on financial plans (potential to actual costs for a matching budget),
  • Specific fields can be created when the software is set up,
  • Any document related to a commitment can be loaded into GAC Commitment Manager
  • Multi-criteria searches are possible on all fields with filters

GAC Immo Fleet enables you to set and monitor traditional indicators (water consumption, electricity …) and specific indicators (toxic wastes, internal production…). Our GAC Immo Fleet software is generating spreadsheets and graphical reports, combining several indicators on selected buildings and on a specific period. With GAC Immo Fleet, you will define user profiles, and for each of them, specific access rights. Privacy and efficiency will perform.

GAC Commitment Manager usages :
Contracts management
Contracts management
Buildings management
Buildings management
Facilities management
Facilities management
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