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We are daily attentive to our customers to improve our solutions according to their expectations and needs through our R&D department.

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We are the only ‘technologist’ pure player, specialized in multi-fleet optimization software on the French market. We were rewarded by the magazine Automobile & L'Entreprise with the 2012 Innovation Trophy. We were also  rewarded by the Deloitte in FAST50 and FAST500 in 2013 and 2014 for best fast-growing technology companies in Europe.

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Our target is to provide an easy to start, to use and to fund solution (no hidden costs, everything is included in the GAC subscription). You will have a dedicated project manager (for technical support) throughout our solution use. Our motto is "Keep it simple".

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Technical means

SaaS based: Our solutions are distributed on a SaaS mode (or Cloud). There is no heavy investment related to installation, maintenance and upgrading. Every good idea from one customer benefits to all customers. Updates are automatically delivered to all. OVH hosted: The whole solution is hosted by OVH, the European internet hosting leader. It is a real guarantee of security and performance.

Since 2007, we have been developing and offering 100% web management solutions, usable via the internet with a simple browser designed for facilitating and optimizing the financial, purchasing and facility management branches. Optimization and management specialists, we provide web applications for collecting, consolidating your data and then providing good indicators. Today, we publish 3 software :

Gac car fleet
CAR Fleet est un logiciel de gestion de parc automobile disponible en mode SaaS, utilisable via internet. Il couvre l’ensemble du processus, de la gestion au quotidien jusqu’au pilotage financier
Gac fine fleet
GAC Telecom Fleet, la solution de telecom expense management dédiée à la supervision de vos dépenses télécom. Il permet entre autre d’intégrer l’ensemble des données télécoms, de contrôler les flux financiers ou de définir des alertes.
Gac immo fleet
for buildings, equipments and contracts follow-up
Gac telecom fleet
GAC Telecom Fleet permet, entre autres, d’intégrer l’ensemble des
données télécoms, de contrôler les flux financiers ou de définir des alertes.
La mise en place des solutions Gac Technology
Découvrez la gestion des logiciels en mode SaaS
The Start Pack covers all activities related to the online solution implementation, excluding training.
The Training Pack includes training for using and learning the online solution before starting using our software. The training pack intention is to make a quick start.
The subscription includes access to the suppliers data import, customer support, maintenance and software updates.
Leading team
Matthieu Echalier
Matthieu Echalier began his career in 1995 in the USA, working at IBM TJ Waston Research Center and at Columbia University. He was then an engineer at EADS Research Center in France. He graduated from the ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers).
Quentin Lebourgeois
Customer Service Manager
Quentin Lebourgeois, as an electronics and telecommunication engineer, has worked for 8 years as a project manager, specialized in European collaborative projects. His experience helped companies to coordinate missions for key accounts in France and abroad, involving up to 30 public and private organizations with budgets of up to € 300 million.
Clément Faure
Technical Manager
Clement Fauré began his career as a research and development project manager at EADS Research Centre EADS France, then was the JAVA / J2EE consultant on a BI project for Air France. Clement has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.