Fleet Management Solutions 100% web

Since 2007, GAC Technology has been developing and offering 100% web management solutions (in SaaS mode) to facility management, procurement and financial services. In addition to offer a powerful and easy-to-use control costs software, to help saving time and improving the prevention of risks, the company is defined as a true aggregator and a data collector, allowing users to specifically focus on value-added tasks.

Today, thanks to the GAC Hub, we monthly import more than 3.5 million data lines from different providers (car rental company, gas company, insurance …).  

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Fleet management software :

GAC Car Fleet is a fleet management software available in SaaS mode, usable via internet. It covers the whole process of daily controls to financial management. It uses, like all our software, the GAC Hub (with automatic imports of all suppliers’ data).

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Telecom expense management software (TEM) :

GAC Telecom Fleet management solution is dedicated to monitoring your telecom expenses. It allows among others to integrate all telecom data, to monitor financial flows or define alerts. It covers the entire telecom fleet management process.

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Commitment software (for building, equipment and contracts) for:

  • identifying the associated commitments and tasks,
  •    implementing action plans with management of alerts and traceability of actions,
  •    generating charges and budget plans,
  •    working on a common basis with shareable information.
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